Perfect Pear

I love ginger and pear together! They compliment each other so well. The flavours in this juice reminded me of fall, and with the weather we’ve had this week (month (spring!?)) it was pretty fitting.


If I were to remake this one, I would probably use green pears, or at least not wait for the pears to ripen. It was thick. Like reaaally thick. Soft fruits, like bananas, mangos, peaches or pears produce thick juice. If that’s your thing, then go get em! I don’t love thick juice, but this tasted pretty damn good so I didn’t mind. The flavours worked really well together. I will definitely make this one again, with some minor improvements.

Wash everything, remove the seeds from the pear, slice up the big stuff.


  • two pears
  • half a cucumber
  • about two cups of spinach
  • thumb of ginger
  • a splash of lemon

This juice has lots of vitamin C, K and Iron, as well as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories from the ginger. Seriously, put ginger in everything, it’s tasty and good for you!


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